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Like every Catholic parish, "time, talent and treasure" are the three-fold ways in which parishioners support their parish. Little Flower is no different. It is the faithful generosity of its parishioners that helps make this parish the vibrant community of faith it continues to become.

Time is our most valuable commodity. The church traditionally has asked for an hour of our time each week in worshiping God at Sunday Mass. Today, we seek a full and active participation at worship which often involves personal preparation time, as well as help with the ministries essential to our rich liturgical life. At the Church of the Little Flower, we seek more than this bare minimum gift of an hour for the Lord on Sunday. A truly sacrificial offering of time will normally mean some further involvement in the life of the community. Our gift of time can also be used to meet the needs of our parish community.

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Little Flower Parish graciously accepts monetary gifts or donations. These are greatly appreciated, and are 100% tax-deductible.

Little Flower Parish
5607 Massachusetts Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20816