Field Use Policy


Now that the turf of Monsignor Kane Field has been replaced, it is a good time to review and revise where necessary the rules for field use. Monsignor Kane Field represents a substantial investment on the part of the Little Flower Home and School Association and the parish. It is important that we manage it properly and protect the investment so that it serves our parish and community for a long time to come. 

The primary consideration for field use is that all those authorized to use the field should/will have access whenever the field is available and not being used by another approved user. Unauthorized users will not be permitted to use the field. While we want to be good neighbors and be as hospitable as possible, we have found that large groups of non-parishioners can monopolize the field and intimidate our younger children or other authorized users from even attempting to use the field.

While all parishioners and neighbors are welcome, field use is prioritized as follows:

  1. Little Flower (LF) Church and School activities 
  2. LF CYO team use (practice and games) 
  3. LF sponsored clinics (prior approval required) 
  4. LF parishioner general use 
  5. Special events – (prior approval required) 
  6. All others (prior approval required) 

Use of the field by groups of non-parishioners is generally not permitted, both because of parishioners’ priority and because of insurance liability issues. Accordingly, use by such groups must have prior approval and the requesting user group must be comprised of at least 50% parishioners. The field schedule will be maintained by a Field Access Committee, made up of members from the CYO, Home and School Association (HSA) and the School Advisory Board (SAB). This committee must also endorse all requests needing prior approval. Final approval will be granted by the parish Business Manager. 

The field operating hours are:

Monday thru Friday 3 pm to Dusk
Saturday 9 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm to Dark
 Monday thru Friday  9 am to Dusk
 Saturday  9 am to 4:00 pm
 Sunday  2:00 pm to Dark
Note: The field will be closed whenever services are underway in the Church, regardless of published schedule.

Parishioners desiring to use the field for individual or small group workouts, outside normal hours, will be accommodated as much as possible, e.g. early morning workouts. Also, field use by parishioners/neighbors, especially parents with children, is encouraged, during available times.

Efforts are underway to provide an access control system that will allow authorized use, employing a PIN or fob system. Until that system is in place, access will be provided by either access control committee members or by the rectory staff. The field will be locked at all other times.

As we continue to refine field use procedures, we will make every effort to maximize the use of this wonderful parish asset. Please don’t hesitate to engage the Access Committee with any concerns or issues. They are:

      Bill Jones               HSA       703-407-3932
      Danny Moore         CYO      301-229-7477
      James DeBritz       SAB       202-907-5163
      Alex May                HSA      301-229-3170