Field Use Policy


To provide a policy that governs the use, maintenance, and oversight responsibility of the Monsignor Kane Field/Little Flower Gymnasium located on the property of the Church of The Little Flower in Bethesda, MD.

Hours for Organized School & CYO Use of Monsignor Kane Field

Monday thru Friday School Dawn to 4:30 pm All year
Monday thru Friday CYO 4:30 pm to dark All year
Saturday CYO Dawn to 4:00 pm All year
Saturday None 4:00 pm to dark CLOSED
Sunday CYO 2:00 pm to dark All year
Sunday None Dawn to 2:00 pm CLOSED

Organized Use by Exception

  • Other organized uses will be permitted subject to request, written permission, and field availability.
  • Exceptions for usage must be approved by the Field Policy Committee which includes the CYO Director. The CYO Director will be responsible for granting exceptions.
  • Activities must be supervised by an adult parishioner who has Child Protection certification, including fingerprinting and a background check.
  • Of those participating in the activity, 75% must be Little Flower parishioners and/or Little Flower school students.
  • Participants will be required to sign all applicable forms and liability waiver

Oversight Responsibility

  • The Field/Gymnasium Policy Committee will provide oversight of the field and be responsible to administer this policy. The Committee will report to the Parish Council.
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Msgr. Kane Field Usage Request Form

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