Electronic Giving

Faith Direct is our automated offertory processor. Enrolling in Faith Direct will allow for the secure electronic transfer of your monthly contribution from your checking, savings, or credit card account to the Parish. The enrollment process is simple and takes less than 3 minutes to complete! Please click HERE to enroll in Faith Direct.
This is a great way to simplify your giving – and it’s the most cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way for us to receive your gifts.



  • Convenience- no more bringing your checkbook or having to hit an ATM before Mass.
  • Security- you receive the same bank-level SSL security so you can give online with peace of mind.
  • Points- you can make gifts using your credit card to earn points!

Electronic giving has already been extremely well appreciated by members of our parish for its convenience and the security it provides. It is also economical for the parish in time and money, enabling us to spend more on the Church's mission. Again, please seriously consider enrolling in this program.

Enroll in Faith Direct

To enroll or to learn more about Faith Direct, please click HERE