Little Flower Fund

My dear parishioners,

I ask for your support of our annual parish appeal. Called the Little Flower Parish Fund Appeal, this appeal began over 25 years ago and was initiated by the then-pastor Msgr. Joseph Coyne in lieu of a monthly Sunday second collection, which takes place in most parishes. This annual appeal, along with our weekly Offertory Collection, is an integral part of our annual budgeted parish income. This is not the Cardinal’s Appeal.

Your gift will help us increase the level of parishioner participation and enable us to meet the continuing needs of our parish. We continue to work hard to reduce our parish’s operational expenses while at the same time making only essential improvements to our aging facilities and equipment. Please know of my deepest gratitude for whatever contribution you can make.

I remain most gratefully in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi

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Did you know that you can pay your Little Flower Parish Fund Appeal online?

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