Parish Activities

Little Flower is an active community and we welcome you to get involved!

Jesus said, The greatest commandment is this, to love God...and to love your neighbor.

It is not enough to simply have faith in him; we must also obey His commandments and live our faith – live it out in the public eye – and there are many ways to do this. Our faith is not something we live just on Sunday when we come to Mass; it needs to accompany us once we leave church.

Stewardship calls us to recognize that everything – everything we are – is a freely given gift from God. Although there is no perfect way for us to adequately thank God for all of His many blessings, we are called to show our gratitude and appreciation to Him. Stewardship calls us to return a portion of what God has so graciously given us, the gifts of Tim, Talent and Treasure.

Join us here at Little Flower as we work together to serve God, one another and the greater community.