Reopening Guidelines

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1.) Continued Dispensation and Mass and Confession Schedule

At the outset, please be advised that the dispensation from the Sunday and Holy Day obligation remains in effect even when we are permitted to have public Masses again. Included are those with COVID-19 or those who have been exposed to it, as well as those with upper respiratory or flu like symptoms or underlying medical conditions including the sick, the elderly, those who are living with or in the presence of any individual at risk, or those that still do not feel comfortable being in a public setting. When in doubt, out of charity for others and concern for yourself, please stay at your home.

The times for weekday and Sunday Masses are the following: Monday through Friday Masses are at 8:15 am and noon and weekend Masses are at 5:00 pm (Saturday) and on Sunday at 7:30, 9, 10:30 and noon.

Confessions continue to be heard on Saturday from 4 to 5 pm in the Church and by appointment. Social distancing will be observed with masks.

2.) Adjustments for Public Mass

At most, typically only the priest, deacon and a lector will be in the sanctuary during Mass. No altar servers will be serving Mass at this time. Music will be temporarily suspended at this time, except for organ, as singing can increase the risk of the spread of the virus. No exchange of peace will be given.

All Hymnals and Missalettes have been removed. Sunday Readings can be found at

Given the new occupancy restrictions, we are able to accommodate a limited number of individuals per Mass as not every seat will be available. For example, every other row will be empty. Seating will be on a first come first served basis so you are invited to come early.

3.) Social Distancing to be Observed at all times and Masks worn

When arriving at church, please keep socially distanced from other parishioners as you enter. Please allow extra time to be seated and please understand that attendees will not choose where they sit. Everyone will be seated by the Ushers as they arrive, from the front of the church to the back.

All, including children, are required to wear face masks during the entirety of Mass. If you choose to wear protective gloves, they must be removed prior to receiving Communion on the hand. We will also ask everyone to use a hand sanitizer prior to entering the church, so please bring some with you.

4.) Holy Communion

Regarding Holy Communion, those who have health concerns and do not wish to receive sacramental Communion may make an Act of Spiritual Communion.

Please only approach the altar if you are receiving. Persons and young children who usually come forward for a blessing are asked to remain in their pews as there is a blessing for all at the end of Mass.

When you approach the altar for Communion, please remain six feet from others in the line and from the minister. When it is your time to receive, keep your mask on and remain six feet away from the minister while the minister shows the Host and says, “The Body of Christ.” After you respond, “Amen,” approach the minister.

Place one hand under the other while keeping your fingers together, making “a throne for the King,” as St. Cyril of Jerusalem says. Receive the Host in your hand, then step six feet away from the minister. Then carefully loosen your facial covering (or mask by an ear loop), consume the Host, and replace the facial covering. If the minister accidentally touches anyone’s hand, the minister will immediately disinfect his own hands.

The Centers for Disease Control have recommended against receiving the Host on the tongue at this time. More importantly, out of love for our brothers and sisters, and out of kind concern for the vulnerable and our sacred ministers, those who normally receive on the tongue are respectfully asked to receive in the hand as a temporary measure.

5.) The Collection and Ending of Mass

At the appropriate time, the collection will be taken up. Our usual baskets with long handles will be used by ushers and they will maintain proper social distancing in the process. Please do not touch the basket. Online Giving is another option available and is preferred, especially during this time. To register, please click HERE

Gratitude is extended to those who have continued to give their monthly donation.

At the conclusion of Mass, the ushers will dismiss rows beginning from the back to the front of the church. As you go to your car, please keep socially distanced from other households as you leave. After the dismissal of the last pew, we will be sanitizing all the pews and seating areas, common area surfaces and restroom common surface areas.

Thank you for your cooperation.